Thursday, November 27, 2008

VS.NET 2010 - the first look

As I supposed the guest operation system in virtual machine that hosts VS.NET 2010 is Windows Server 2008! It has VS.NET 2008, VS.NET 2010, SQL Server 2008, Office 2008, etc. installed.
It's now clear why you need 75 GB on hard drive to get this heavy virtual PC image :)
The first thing I looked for is documentation for VS.NET 2010. It would allow me looking at new features in VS IDE, C#, etc..and..there is no MSDN available! The only available documentation is the set of walkthroughs that briefly describe the new features. Okay, I briefly read this document..
The first feature that I liked and tried immediately is customizing the VS.NET 2010 Start Page. Start page for now can be any content that is built using WPF. It has no limits - you can add RSS feed, animation, flow documents, etc. in the Start Page. You can bind the VS commands to the elements of start page, i.e. execute any main menu item commands.
The steps that needed for customization are pretty straightforward - create XAML document that contains the start page content, copy it to the certain folder and voila!
Well, I tried that and now my Start Page looks like below

That's all for this brief post:)

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