Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Visual Studio .NET 2010 installation.

Some time ago Microsoft announced Visual Studio .NET 2010 and shared the pre-release CTP for everyone. Splendid! Awesome! - it was my reaction to these news.Then I found CTP download page and looked at the requirements..What?? 75GB available on hard-drive? Core Duo 2 GHz processor?? Must have a minimum of 2 GB RAM?? Indeed these requirements aren't for VS.NET 2010 itself. They are actually for running virtual machine on which VS.NET 2010 is hosted. I suppose that the guest OS on this virtual machine is Windows Server 2008 at least:)
Well, my machine had :

But I was so excited about VS.NET 2010 as I decided to upgrade my machine so that it satisfies running virtual machine that hosts VS.NET 2010 requirements :)
I never thought that some programming software would lead me to upgrade the hardware..Well, the weird Microsoft way to release CTP's actually led me to that.
Now my machine has:
And I can install VS.NET 2010 for now and learn the new interesting features like dynamic features of C# or parallelism support.
I will keep writing about these things!

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