Saturday, January 16, 2010

Return to the blog

It's almost one year since from I made the last post in this blog. A lot of dramatic - good and terrible - events happened with me in 2009. I quit smoking, it was unexpectedly easy to do. Now I think that I was a complete idiot when was smoking twenty cigarettes per day. I almost quit drinking. Last two events where I drank the alcohol were the NY celebration and my mother birthday. My wedding plans were broken and me and my girlfriend stopped our relationships. I moved to the new apartments. My cat moved to my sister's house. I visited Bulgaria during my vacation. It's weird country! I started visiting gym twice per week. I lost about 5 kilograms of weight.
The worst thing that might happen did not happen - our company still alive and kicking! We saved our work. We are going to work on the new generation of the best reporting tool ever.
Anyway, all that stuff in the past. I hope that 2010 will be better than 2009. One of the things I plan is returning to the blog. I am getting a lot of ideas about which I would like to blog. I plan to shed the light to some aspects of ActiveReports 6 and Data Dynamics Reports internals. I got a lot of experience with ASP.NET MVC and have several topics to blog about. Finally I faced several questionable OOP decisions about which I want to blog as well.

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